Laundry Room DIY

::Hi Cherished Ones:: We moved into our house over a year ago and I’m still working on making it a home that we live in and not just a house that we reside at. Here is a small glimpse into a little of that personalization. This was a small space and I knew it was… Continue reading Laundry Room DIY

RECIPE:: Bacon-wrapped Jalapeno popper stuffed PORK LOIN

PHEW! What a title, right??? I could not–for the life of me–come up with a name for this recipe. So here we are! It’s pretty self-explanatory. I took pork loin–sliced it down the middle–stuffed it full of jalapeno popper dip….and wait for it–WRAPPED IT IN BACON! Don’t worry, I really will post a more in… Continue reading RECIPE:: Bacon-wrapped Jalapeno popper stuffed PORK LOIN


There are so many reasons to adopt from a rescue shelter. Aside from simply saving a life, you are also providing hope to an animal that may not have known love before. Jasmine was adopted from a rescue that gets healthy dogs and cats from kill-shelters who are on the euthanasia lists. She was 9-weeks-old… Continue reading ADOPT don’t SHOP

Posting Schedule

Hi there Cherished Ones:: I hope that you are all doing well and thriving through this pandemic. I wanted to stop in and let everyone know that I have been working on setting up the blog, affiliates and I have a super cool header, photo outline and signature that is being made by a very… Continue reading Posting Schedule

NEW Blog!

Hi Cherished Ones! I don’t think y’all know how excited I am to get to know you guys! I am starting this blog journey because I want to help others with the knowledge that I have acquired over the years and also want to learn more from this vast community! I can’t wait to get… Continue reading NEW Blog!

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