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RECIPE:: Bacon-wrapped Jalapeno popper stuffed PORK LOIN

PHEW! What a title, right??? I could not–for the life of me–come up with a name for this recipe. So here we are! It’s pretty self-explanatory. I took pork loin–sliced it down the middle–stuffed it full of jalapeno popper dip….and wait for it–WRAPPED IT IN BACON! Don’t worry, I really will post a more in depth recipe here.

Jalapenos are a staple in our house. I make a killer jalapeno popper dip and its so simple that I use it in a ton of recipes. It is just SO versatile!
1 lb. Bacon
1Pork Loin
8 oz.Cream Cheese
2 Jalapenos
1Garlic Clove

1. Slice jalapenos. De-seed. Dice.
2. Peel and dice garlic clove.
3. Cook 1/3 of bacon and crumble.
4. Slice pork loin vertically 3/4 of the way through the meat.
5. Preheat oven to 350°F.

1. Mix room temperature cream cheese with garlic gloves, jalapenos and crumbled bacon.
2. Stuff pork loin with cream cheese mixture.
3. Wrap pork loin in remainder of bacon.
4. Secure bacon with toothpicks if need be.

Place in oven for 1 hour or until pork reaches internal temperature of 160°F.

SLICE and Enjoy! Served with buttered veggies!

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