HALLOWEEN Dollar Tree Craft

I have seen a few variations of this Halloween craft on the many Facebook crafting groups that I am in. So, I wanted to give this one a shot. This is my version. My kitten, Ash was dying to pose with it as well. I will list my supplies, where I purchased them, cost and then go through the creation process step-by-step.

Skull & Candle Halloween Centerpiece modeled by Ash

Let’s start with the supply list::

🕷Toilet paper rolls & Paper Towel Rolls–Collected over a few weeks–$0
🕷Glue Gun & Glue sticks–Already had these–$0
🕷Sandpaper or nail file–Already had these–$0
🕷E6000 Glue–Amazon–$3
🕷Scissors–Already had these–$0
🕷Tray–Dollar Tree–$1
🕷Skull–Dollar Tree–$1
🕷LED Candles–Dollar Tree–$1 per 2pk–$5 Total
🕷Alcohol Swabs–Already had these–$0

This whole project took me about 3 hours (including paint dry time)! So let’s get started!

STEP 1:: Use the nail file or sandpaper to rough up the base of the tray where you will be gluing down the rolls and the skull. This gives a good base for the glue to adhere to.

STEP 2:: Use the alcohol swabs to clean off the surface of the tray so that the glue has a clean surface to adhere to.

STEP 3:: Use E6000 and to adhere the skull where you want it.

STEP 4:: Use hot glue and make a ridge about 2 inches down inside the rolls. This is so that the lights down fall to the bottle of the tubes.

STEP 5:: Cut all rolls to different heights to create a nice visual.

STEP 6:: Arrange tubes where you want them and glue them down. I made puddles of glue near the bottoms to make sure they adhered well and to create the illusion of wax puddles.

STEP 7:: Use hot glue and make glue drips from the top of each tube to imitate melted wax.

STEP 8:: Spray paint the whole thing! Let dry.

STEP 9:: Paint the white LED candles black so that they match the big candles that you just created!

STEP 10:: Turn on the candles, place in tubes and enjoy your new $10 Halloween creation!

Lights off version. Which do you prefer?

I hope that this tutorial was helpful. If you would like me to do more, please let me know!

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