I tried Scentbird and LOVED it!

For years now I have heard about Scentbird. In the back of my mind I always thought–
“What a great idea.”
“It would be so much fun to experiment with new fragrances.”

Up until very recently (about the last 3 years), I was very set in my ways. I loved my Amor Amor by Cacherel, Euphoria by Calvin Klein OH, and my Burberry Touch. These past three years I have really tried to step outside of my box, learn new things, have new experiences and take life by the horns.

So, here we are…Trying Scentbird. Your first order is the only one that is different:
You will get the perfume dispenser. I love this thing, it’s a pretty pearly white. So classy and elegant. I will definitely be keeping this in my purse at all times. You also get instructions on the dispenser’s use, which is shown below.

In your 1st package you will receive the dispenser, instructions on using the dispenser (I mean how hard can it be?), the perfume itself & the card explaining the scent you received.

I just love the color of this dispenser. The pearly white is a perfect “neutral glam”.

Now, I honestly feel like it’s common sense on figuring this dispenser out. I played with it for a few moments and I was an expert and smelled amazing. But regardless, here are the instructions that came with it.

Versace Eros Pour Femme was my first Scentbird.

I love how in depth the card goes into describing the scent. Its like you can almost smell it from the description. This was a fruity musk. While, I’m mostly a floral girl I did like this scent. Its definitely a fragrance that would be best paired with a business suit and heels.

I’m thrilled to recieve new ones and expand my horizons. Please, tell me your favorite perfumes. What is your signature scent?

If you are interested in trying Scentbird, not only can you do so with THIS link…YOU get a free fragrance…And so DO I! So, thank you in advance for your support and adventurous spirit.