Jasmine “Jazzy” 8-Years-Young

There are so many reasons to adopt from a rescue shelter. Aside from simply saving a life, you are also providing hope to an animal that may not have known love before.

Jasmine was adopted from a rescue that gets healthy dogs and cats from kill-shelters who are on the euthanasia lists. She was 9-weeks-old and was taken in by Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (Also known as OFOSA). She was on the kill list simply because she looks like a “pitbull type dog”.

I don’t necessarily know her breed or mixed within her breed. All I know is that this dog has saved from anxiety, depression, bad relationships, loneliness and is my best friend. She has the most mellow demeanor and is eager to please. She probably hates wearing that scarf but she does it because she knows I think its adorable. Something incredible about rescue animals is how they seem to KNOW that you saved them and will do whatever it takes to return the favor.

I wanted another dog and so I took my first love, Daisy May to pick out her new sister. She ran through every dog and straight to a kennel with this little white and brindle pup who looked lonely and meek. I held Jasmine (before I knew her name) and she fell asleep in my arms. I was instantly in love. I knew that I couldn’t leave there without this girl. I paid her $295 adoption fee and took her home. From day one–she was simply the sweetest, cuddliest dog.

She is honestly the funniest, sweetest girl ever. Everyone who has ever met her loves her. She has transformed people who feared dogs into pitbull lovers.

If you are unsure about getting a pet…check your local shelters. They will let you volunteer as well as visit to get to know the pet that is right for you. You could also foster!

Please, if you are looking to adopt a pet…considering rescuing.