I tried Scentbird and LOVED it!

For years now I have heard about Scentbird. In the back of my mind I always thought–
“What a great idea.”
“It would be so much fun to experiment with new fragrances.”

Up until very recently (about the last 3 years), I was very set in my ways. I loved my Amor Amor by Cacherel, Euphoria by Calvin Klein OH, and my Burberry Touch. These past three years I have really tried to step outside of my box, learn new things, have new experiences and take life by the horns.

So, here we are…Trying Scentbird. Your first order is the only one that is different:
You will get the perfume dispenser. I love this thing, it’s a pretty pearly white. So classy and elegant. I will definitely be keeping this in my purse at all times. You also get instructions on the dispenser’s use, which is shown below.

In your 1st package you will receive the dispenser, instructions on using the dispenser (I mean how hard can it be?), the perfume itself & the card explaining the scent you received.

I just love the color of this dispenser. The pearly white is a perfect “neutral glam”.

Now, I honestly feel like it’s common sense on figuring this dispenser out. I played with it for a few moments and I was an expert and smelled amazing. But regardless, here are the instructions that came with it.

Versace Eros Pour Femme was my first Scentbird.

I love how in depth the card goes into describing the scent. Its like you can almost smell it from the description. This was a fruity musk. While, I’m mostly a floral girl I did like this scent. Its definitely a fragrance that would be best paired with a business suit and heels.

I’m thrilled to recieve new ones and expand my horizons. Please, tell me your favorite perfumes. What is your signature scent?

If you are interested in trying Scentbird, not only can you do so with THIS link…YOU get a free fragrance…And so DO I! So, thank you in advance for your support and adventurous spirit.



Jasmine “Jazzy” 8-Years-Young

There are so many reasons to adopt from a rescue shelter. Aside from simply saving a life, you are also providing hope to an animal that may not have known love before.

Jasmine was adopted from a rescue that gets healthy dogs and cats from kill-shelters who are on the euthanasia lists. She was 9-weeks-old and was taken in by Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (Also known as OFOSA). She was on the kill list simply because she looks like a “pitbull type dog”.

I don’t necessarily know her breed or mixed within her breed. All I know is that this dog has saved from anxiety, depression, bad relationships, loneliness and is my best friend. She has the most mellow demeanor and is eager to please. She probably hates wearing that scarf but she does it because she knows I think its adorable. Something incredible about rescue animals is how they seem to KNOW that you saved them and will do whatever it takes to return the favor.

I wanted another dog and so I took my first love, Daisy May to pick out her new sister. She ran through every dog and straight to a kennel with this little white and brindle pup who looked lonely and meek. I held Jasmine (before I knew her name) and she fell asleep in my arms. I was instantly in love. I knew that I couldn’t leave there without this girl. I paid her $295 adoption fee and took her home. From day one–she was simply the sweetest, cuddliest dog.

She is honestly the funniest, sweetest girl ever. Everyone who has ever met her loves her. She has transformed people who feared dogs into pitbull lovers.

If you are unsure about getting a pet…check your local shelters. They will let you volunteer as well as visit to get to know the pet that is right for you. You could also foster!

Please, if you are looking to adopt a pet…considering rescuing.


Ulta Haul-Justifying Spending An Arm & a Leg

Hi Cherished Ones::

This haul is so that I can share my favorites and new discoveries with you all. If you are interested, keep reading.

**This blog post is incredibly picture obese**

First I got two Kylie lip kits. I was most excited about these because I haven’t tried them yet and I’m a sucker for various nudey taupes.

Cady K described as a “warm pinky nude”
Dazzle described as a “warm terracotta”

When I tested these on my hand they were smooth going on and dried to a very stubborn to remove matte. I think I will really enjoy these sets. At $13.50 each I think they were a great deal.

As I think its somewhat been established I am a fiend for lippies. I love MATTE, nudes and well makeup that old ladies would typically LOVE. So without further adieu I introduce the lip crayons and lip liners I got.

From (L) to (R) we have “mudslide” described as a deep brown, “Canyon” described as a brick red, “Jungle” described as a reddish pink and finally “Wilderness” described as a muted mauve.
From (L) to (R) We have Pinky, Blushing, Flesh, Deep Red, Vamp and Berry Wine.

I just paired down my eyeshadow palettes and here I am buying two more but they were a steal at 2/$24 and these colors are GORGE!

ColourPop “She’s Got Solstice”
ColourPop “All Things Equinox”

I haven’t tried Colourpop before but have been wanting to and have seen so many wonderful reviews. I’m eager to give it a go! I work from home and don’t usually do my makeup unless I need to go into the office for something. I think tomorrow might be an exception so that I can try out these beautiful palettes.

I am incredibly picky about my mascara. It has to be a silicone bristle applicator and has to be waterproof as I wear contacts. So when I saw Urban Decay’s Lash Freak I was dying to try it. For $25 I was skeptical! So when I saw that Ulta has the smaller size I knew that was my opportunity!

LASH FREAK Volumizing & Lengthening by Urban Decay

I will report back on how much I love this stuff. I just have a feeling that its going to be amazing!

I also picked up a blush as I like pinky nudes and this one was perfect!

Mineral Blush in “Sunday Drive” described as a light pinkish peach matte.

Now on to NAILS! Anyone that knows me knows that I love to do my nails. I ALWAYS have my nails done. Its usually gel polish with an accent nail or two. For about ten years I did intricate designs stamped on, decals, rhinestones. I just do NOT have the time for that anymore! So that is where PRESS-ONS come in to play. I have heard that the quality and styles are much better now-a-days so I thought I would give them a try.

These come with the double sided tabs as well as glue. I will try both. I am hoping the tabs work well as I tend to get tired of long nails after about 2-3 days. And the tabs will allow me to save the nails.
These are so pretty and both come with matte nails and TWO different types of accent nails.

A little secret about me is that I love nails so much I actually went to beauty school and became a license nail tech in the state of Oregon simply to learn how to do my own nails correctly and in a way that will preserve my natural nails. I also made some of the best friends that exist in beauty school!

MAN! I know this is getting LONG-winded, but we are about half done!

I love LOVE love love this Shea Moisture Body Oil. Not only does this stuff smell INCREDIBLE (It reminds me of Maui, I’m not kidding I asked to sniff a stranger’s hair)–but it makes your skin so soft and silky. Also, pro tip crush up a cheap highlighter and mix in the bottle for a gorgeous summer glow!

This is also great if you have rough skin (Keratosis Pilaris is something I have struggled with for my whole life) and this makes it so much smoother.

The way to my heart is through bath bombs. Yes, you read that right. My boyfriend knows when he wants to get on my good side to buy me a bath bomb. They are just so relaxing and make your skin so soft and make your bath so much more of a spa experience. I’m definitely a bath fiend.

So, here is the bath bomb haul that will close up this blog post!

Whim Cloud Bath Bomb–When this bad boy makes contact with your bath water it makes a rainbow arch! I WILL be sharing this on my FB page as well as my Instagram SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE FOLLOWING all of my socials!
I love these and they can also be found at Target. I love the long lasting scent and the fact that the creators are sisters as my sister is my best friend! However, they do have a small toy inside that I find to be a bit juvenile as well as taking away from the quantity of the product. With that being said, I will still buy them!
These Ulta Bath Bombs I have not tried yet and am eager to. For $1.85 I really couldn’t pass these up!
Sweet Sunrise and Sugar Rainbow Bath Rocks are also new to me but seem like loads of fun!

Thank you all for sticking this blog post out. I know that it was a long one, but I wanted to give a lot of content for the first post. I will be doing all sorts of blog posts here in the future–remember–every Wednesday and Saturday. If you have suggestions or ideas for posts, PLEASE share! I have a long list of ideas, stories, information and hauls that I want to share with you all.

I love you all and be safe out there!


Posting Schedule

Hi there Cherished Ones::

I hope that you are all doing well and thriving through this pandemic.

I wanted to stop in and let everyone know that I have been working on setting up the blog, affiliates and I have a super cool header, photo outline and signature that is being made by a very talented friend. That will be revealed here soon!

For now, I wanted to let everyone know that the new blogging schedule has been set!!

I am excited to announce that I will be posting EVERY Saturday AND Wednesday! Without fail. This is a promise. Once I get the hang of this whole blogging thing and this blog gains some more traction I will add another day in and will likely have some more content for you all. I am working on some really exciting things to post here.

I cannot wait to share everything with you all and cannot wait to get to know everyone. Please don’t hesitate to comment and share your thoughts, suggestions and feedback with me!


NEW Blog!

Hi Cherished Ones!

I don’t think y’all know how excited I am to get to know you guys! I am starting this blog journey because I want to help others with the knowledge that I have acquired over the years and also want to learn more from this vast community!

I can’t wait to get to know you all!

This is a lifestyle blog and will be a variety of topics ranging from beauty to nutrition to style to travel and so much more! Please let me know what kind of content you want to see. I am completely open!

Let’s hear it!